5 Tips for Search Engine Optimization for Contractors

by Michael on November 27, 2017

Any company today, whether big or small, needs to have a website. Even contractors which are typically not the big-sized businesses can leverage websites to market or promote their services. However, many of the contracting companies make the mistake of setting up their site without optimizing it. In the end, their sites do not rank and they don’t produce their desired results for the business.

If used correctly, your website can be a very valuable tool in marketing your company especially when you achieve good rankings. And with the right SEO strategies, you can increase your chances of ranking well to drive more traffic to your site and improve lead generation. Here are some of the tips you could use as a contractor for better ranking of your site.

1. Invest in a local SEO campaign.

If you are wondering why it is crucial that you invest in a local SEO, it’s because it will help you get leads from the location or cities you work in. Local SEO means that your website is being optimized for a local search. So what happens is that when someone searches for your services in a search engine, the businesses that will appear in top results are the ones nearby. Investing in local SEO will also increase your chance of getting hired by the people right within your area because customers will prefer to work with trusted contractors in their community.

2. Optimize your website for mobile use.

More and more people today are using mobile phones and smart devices to access the internet and search on Google. This means that you need to make your website mobile-friendly, as well. When potential customers think about any remodeling projects they want to do in their home, one of the very first things they will grab is their smartphone and search for contractors online. Gone are the days when people will always have to get up and turn on their laptop or desktop just to search for something on the internet. And even in the years to come, the volume of mobile search will continue to increase, thus the need for mobile search optimization

3. Post blogs on your website.

Consistently and regularly posting blogs will significantly help your website rankings. Google and other search engines love sites who always have blogs posted. They use algorithms that serve the most relevant content to the users. Aside from the rankings, blogging can drive more traffic to your site when you make sure that you deliver useful, valuable and informative content. It is through your blogs that you can show and tell your audience what you can do and your expertise as a contractor. By regularly providing your readers fresh content, your website will become their constant source of any information when it comes to their remodeling needs. Your blogs is also a good way to highlight what makes your company special or what makes it stand out among all the other contractors.

4. Get your business listed in online directories.

Making sure that your business is listed in the major online directories will be influential for your search ranking because it will get you mentions of your company name and your information. Also, many of the homeowners refer to online directories to search for contractors for their remodeling projects. So even if you think it is time-consuming, using these services will be worth your money. You can try using GetListed.org to check if your site can be found in the major online directories.

5. Leverage social media.

If you are not aware, your social media profile can also influence your website’s rankings and are excellent SEO tools. When a link you posted on a social media channel goes viral, it actually boosts your rankings because they are somehow considered as credible backlinks. Also, when you actively engage in the social media and establish your presence there, your profile will more likely to appear in the top results when people search for your company name.

And as a contractor, it is critical that you engage in social media so that you can share your knowledge and expertise in your craft with your customers. More and more people are engaging in various social media channels and you can’t afford to miss the chance to be seen there. So create your profile if you haven’t done it yet, regularly post updates and share links from your site, comment on the posts by others in your industry and just actively use your accounts to the fullest.

One of the mistakes that some contractors make is not doing some or all of these things. To them, they stop at setting up a website and wait for it to generate results. But if you follow these tips, you are more likely going to get better ranking as a company which will eventually result in more traffic, higher leads generated and conversion.

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