Podcast - SEO Strategy for Contractors – How to get page one rankings

by Josh Nelson - Contractor SEO on September 16, 2013

There is a lot of information about SEO but very little of it gives you true actionable insights on how to setup your website, map out the pages, optimize those pages for the search engines and then build the authority via link building and content development.

On this episode, Josh Nelson the Author of the book “Internet Marketing & SEO for Contractors” shares exactly what you need to do to get your contracting or home services business ranked on Google Page one for the keywords that are important to you. He share how to setup your website, do the keyword research, optimize the pages and the most important ingredient; how to build authority through link building and content development. He provides specific link sources and proven link building techniques that won’t get you into trouble with Google.

For more ideas and to get access to a video outlining “Your Contracting & Home Service Business Online Marketing Plan” with step by step instruction for all of the most prominent online marketing channels as well as our implementation guide go
to https://contractorseo.net/free.

Subscribe to the PODCAST at https://contractorseo.net/feed/podcast or on iTunes at - http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/contractor-seo-for-contractors/id502676373

Josh Nelson is the Co-Founder of Contractor SEO and specializes in helping Contractors & Home Services Professionals Increase their sales & grow their business by more effectively marketing online. He is the Author of The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Contractors and often speaks at PHHC, Contractor & Other Industry Events. Download his FREE Internet Marketing & SEO Guide at http://www.contractor.net/free
Josh Nelson - Contractor SEO
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